• Key dates

    Issue of call for abstracts :
    mid-February 2018

    Deadline for abstract submission:
    25 May 2018

    Notification of abstract selection:
    20 June 2018

    Deadline submission of full papers:
    3 Sep 2018

    Provision of peer-review evaluation:
    3 Oct 2018

    Deadline submission of final version of papers: 23 Nov 2018

  • Programme

    The preliminary programme for the "Peer Reviewed Paper" Sessions will be available in June 2018 
    To be part of the "Peer Reviewed Paper" session, submit your abstract by 25 May 2018

    Preliminary programme for the “Invited Guest” Sessions :

    "Systems and Algorithms" session:
    • Jérémie Godet (European Commission, Belgium)
    • Logan Scott (Logan Scott Consulting, USA), Towards a Comprehensive Approach for Obtaining Resilient PNT
    • Francis Soualle (Airbus DS, Germany), Perspectives of PNT Services Supported by Mega-Constellations
    • Karen van Dyke (Dept. Of Transportation, USA)

    "Terrestrial Navigation" session:
    • Andrew Dempster (University of New South Wales, Australia), Use of GNSS Data as Evidence
    • Jonathan Kelly (University of Toronto, Canada)
    • Valérie Renaudin (IFSTTAR, France)
    • + 1 to be announced

    "Air Navigation" session:
    • Jiyun Lee (KAIST, South Korea), Local-Area Differential GNSS for UAV Applications
    • Jason Rife (Tufts University, USA), Software and GNSS Fault-Monitoring for Automated Aircraft
    • Catherine Ronfle-Nadaud (DSNA, France)
    • Todd Walter (Stanford University, USA)
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