• Key dates

    Issue of call for abstracts :
    mid-February 2018

    Deadline for abstract submission:
    25 May 2018

    Notification of abstract selection:
    20 June 2018

    Deadline submission of full papers:
    3 Sep 2018

    Provision of peer-review evaluation:
    3 Oct 2018

    Deadline submission of final version of papers: 23 Nov 2018

  • Abstract submission is now closed.
  • Call for abstract

    • "Invited guest" sessions: special guests are invited by the scientific committee to give a presentation related to the generic topic of the session. There are 4 guest speakers per session, and the session ends with a round table.
    • "Peer Reviewed Paper" sessions : the presenters of these sessions are selected by the scientific committee based on the following procedure:
      • Authors submit the abstract of their desired contribution (see list of topics below)
      • The scientific committee selects abstracts based on their quality and technical relevance
      • Authors of the selected abstracts are asked to provide their full paper
    • Based on the quality of the full paper, the scientific committee will decide if the paper will be:
      • presented in the "Peer Reviewed Paper" session (primary presentors)
      • an alternate in the "Peer Reviewed Paper" session (presented only if there is a missing primary presentor)
      • rejected
    All selected papers will be attributed a Document Object Identifier (DOI) and will be hosted on the Open Archive HAL (https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/). This will ensure that the proceedings will be harvested by Google Scholar and other web search engine.

    • Autonomous machines (air and land) 
    • Deep learning for navigation
    • Innovative Vision, Radar, Lidar navigation 
    • Innovative Antennas and RF systems 
    • Cooperative navigation
    • Multi-antenna GNSS
    • New hybridization and integration structures (innovative combination of any of: GNSS, precise GNSS, video, IMU, lidar, radar, odometer, magnetometer...)
    • Low cost carrier phase positioning 
    • PNT Resilience (interference, spoofing, …)
    • Spectrum Management 
    • UAS Traffic management (UTM) 
    • Navigation with Signals of Opportunity (SoOp)
    • Augmentation Systems (SBAS, GBAS, ARAIM)
    • Multiconstellation Multifrequency GNSS (e.g. ARAIM)
    • PNT and the natural environment
    • New Integrity schemes for non-aeronautical navigation
    • Timing
    • GNSS signal processing
    Download the Call for Abstract here (pdf)
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