• Key dates

    Abstract submission opening :
    February 2017

    Abstract submission deadline:
    15 May 2017

    Notification to authors:
    8 June 2017

    Full paper submission deadline:
     31 July 2017

    Provision of peer review evaluation:
    20 September 2017

    Deadline for final paper and presentation  submission:
     24 November 2017
  • Previous editions

    The first edition of the International Technical Symposium on Navigation and Timing (ITSNT) was held in 2014. Ever since, the ITSNT keeps on growing each year. 

    3rd Edition of the ITSNT (2016)
    Sessions: "Navigation System and Performance", "Positioning in Challenging Environments","PhD Session" , "Air Navigation"
    Lecturers: 12 Navigation and Timing experts from Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Canada and USA plus 4 PhD candidates from Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland.
    Attendees: 220
    Sponsors: Airbus D&S, CNES, Toulouse Métropole, La région Occitanie, ESSP, M3Systems, Spectracom, Spirent, Abbia GNSS Technologies, Egis Avia, Elta and Rockwell Collins 
    Click here for more details of the 3rd edition of the ITSNT

    2nd Edition of the ITSNT (2015)
    Sessions: "Positioning in Challenging Environments", "GNSS Signals and System Design", "Air Navigation"
    Lecturers: 13 GNSS experts from China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and USA 
    Attendees: 174 participants from 14 different countries (Belgique, Bolivie, Chine, République tchèque, Espagne, France, Allemagne, Italie, Maroc, Norvège, Pologne, Romanie, Royaume-Uni, USA)
    Sponsors: Airbus, ESSP, Elta, Spirent, GMV, Egis Avia, Septentrio, Syntony, Thales and Abbia GNSS Technologies
    Click here for more details of the 2nd edition of the ITSNT

    1st Edition of the ITSNT (2014)
    Sessions: "Navigation in Constrained Environments", "GNSS Signals and GNSS Performance", "Air Navigation"
    Lecturers: 12 GNSS experts from Canada, France, Germany, Spain and USA
    Attendees: Around 130 participants
    Sponsors: Airbus, Thalès Alenia Space, ESSP, M3Systems and Abbia GNSS Technologies
    Click here for more details of the 1st edition of the ITSNT
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