• Key dates

    Abstract submission opening :
    February 2017

    Abstract submission deadline:
    15 May 2017

    Notification to authors:
    8 June 2017

    Full paper submission deadline:
     31 July 2017

    Provision of peer review evaluation:
    20 September 2017

    Deadline for final paper and presentation  submission:
     24 November 2017
  • Proceedings

    The proceedings of the ITSNT2017 are now available
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     Save the date: ITSNT2018 will be 13-16 Nov 2018
  • Previous editions

    The first edition of the International Technical Symposium on Navigation and Timing (ITSNT) was held in 2014. Ever since, the ITSNT keeps on growing each year. 

    3rd Edition of the ITSNT (2016)
    Invited Guest Sessions: "Navigation System and Performance", "Positioning in Challenging Environments","Air Navigation", "PhD Session"
    Invited Guests: 
    • Prof. Penina Axelrad, Chair of the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Boulder, USA 
    • Laurent Azoulai, GNSS Landing Systems Expert, Airbus Operations, France 
    • Dr. Daniele Borio, Joint Research Centre, Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizena, European Commission, Italy  
    • Eric Chatre, Head of Exploitation and Evolution, European Satellite Navigation Programmes, European Commission, Belgium 
    • Asst. Prof. Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department, University of Minnesota, USA  
    • Dr. Massimo Crisci, Head of Radio Navigation Systems and Techniques Section, ESA, The Netherlands 
    • Sandy Kennedy, Director and Chief Engineer, Core Receiver Cards, NovAtel Inc., Calgary, Canada 
    • Dr. Gary McGraw, Principal Engineering Manager & Technical Fellow, Navigation & Control Section / Advanced Technology Center, Rockwell Collins, USA 
    • Dr. Sam Pullen, Senior Research Engineer, Stanford University, USA 
    • Pascal Rochat, Managing Director, Spectratime, Switzerland  
    • Catherine Ronfle-Nadaud, RPAS Program Manager, DSNA/DTI, France  
    • Prof. Stephan Weiss, Alpen-Adria-Universität, Austria
    Gold: Airbus D&S, CNES
    Local & Regional authorities: Toulouse Métropole, La région Occitanie
    Silver: ESSP, M3Systems, Spectracom, Spirent
    Bronze: Abbia GNSS Technologies, Egis Avia, Elta and Rockwell Collins
    Click here for more details of the 3rd edition of the ITSNT

    2nd Edition of the ITSNT (2015)
    Invited Guest Sessions: "Positioning in Challenging Environments", "GNSS Signals and System Design", "Air Navigation"
    Invited Guests: 
    • Dr. Martin Haueis, Head of Localization and Data Management, Daimler AG, Germany
    • Dr. Christopher J. Hegarty, Director for CNS Engineering & Spectrum, MITRE Corporation, USA
    • Sherman Lo, Senior research engineer, Stanford University, USA
    • Mikael Mabilleau, Navigation services manager, Egis Avia, France
    • Oscar Pozzobon, Founder and Technical Director, Qascom, Italy
    • Prof. Mark L. Psiaki, Cornell University, USA
    • Prof. John F. Raquet, Director of the Autonomy and Navigation Technology Center, US Air Force Institute of Technology, USA
    • Lionel Ries, Head of the Navigation / Location Signals Department, CNES, France
    • Francis Soualle, Navigation System Engineer, Airbus Defence and Space, Germany
    • Dr. Morten Stakkeland, Development Engineer, Research and Development Navigation, Indra Navia, Norway
    • A. J. Van Dierendonck, AJ Systems, USA
    • Dr. Tech. Lauri Wirola, System Architect, HERE, Finland
    • Ass. Prof. Zheng Yao, Tsinghua University, China
    Silver: ESSP, Elta, Spirent, Jenoptec
    Bronze: GMV, Egis Avia, Septentrio, Syntony, Thales and Abbia GNSS Technologies, Septentrio

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    1st Edition of the ITSNT (2014)
    Invited Guest Sessions: "Navigation in Constrained Environments", "GNSS Signals and GNSS Performance", "Air Navigation"
    Invited Guests: 
    • Boubeker Belabbas, GNSS Integrity Group Leader, DLR, Germany
    • Axel Garcia-Peña, Assistant Professor, ENAC, France
    • Lionel Garin, Senior Director of Technology, Qualcomm QCA, USA
    • Andriy Konovaltsev, Scientific Assistant, DLR, ermany
    • Carl Milner, Assistant Professor, ENAC, France 
    • Michel Monnerat, Manager of Positioning Solution and Security department, Thales Alenia Space, France
    • Mark Petovello, Professor, University of Calgary, Canada
    • Catherine Ronflé-Nadaud, Head of ENAC RPAS lab, ENAC, France
    • Jaume Sanz Subirana, Professor, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
    • Norbert Suard, Senior expert in GNSS/SBAS performances, CNES, France
    • AJ Van Dierendonck, AJ Systems, USA
    • Todd Walter, Senior Research Engineer, Stanford University, USA
    Airbus, Thalès Alenia Space
    Silver: ESSP, The EGNOS Service Provider
    Bronze: M3Systems and Abbia GNSS Technologies

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