• Key dates

    Issue of call for abstracts :
    mid-February 2018

    Deadline for abstract submission:
    25 May 2018

    Notification of abstract selection:
    20 June 2018

    Deadline submission of full papers:
    3 Sep 2018

    Provision of peer-review evaluation:
    3 Oct 2018

    Deadline submission of final version of papers: 23 Nov 2018

  • Tuesday Nov 13th

    Three half-day long tutorials will be held in parallel, on November, 13th 2018, the first day of the symposium. The full programme is available on the “Tutorial” section.
    • Afternoon :
    ​          Tutorials (Separate Registration Required)
    • Tutorial #1: Vision-aided inertial navigation: Enabling accurate positioning in GNSS-denied environments, by Jonathan Kelly (University of Toronto, Canada)
    • Tutorial #2: Dual-frequency multi-constellation GNSS for Civil Aviation, by Todd Walter (Stanford University, USA)
    • Tutorial #3: Processing of future GNSS signals, by Christophe Macabiau (ENAC, France)
  • Wednesday Nov 14th

    • Morning :
    Opening of ITSNT 2018

    Keynote Opening Speech

    "Invited Guest" Session #1: Systems and Algorithms
    Session moderator: 
    • Afternoon : 2 parallel sessions
    "Peer Reviewed Papers" Sessions #1 : GNSS Augmentations and Their Use for Navigation * "Young researcher" Session : 
    • SBAS Autoland NSE model, Quentin Tessier, ENAC (France)
    • Assessment of satellite selection methods under DFMC SBAS augmentation Denis Bouvet, Thales AVS France (France)
    • The Ionosphere Prediction Service for GNSS users, Fillippo Rodriguez, Telespazio (Italy)
    • SBAS Guidelines for Shipborne Receiver based on IMO Res. A.1046 (27): EGNOS performance assessment in Norwegian coast, ESSP SAS (Spain)
    • GMV’s gmvBRAVE: a powerful tool to evaluate SBAS performances, Eric Arnal, GMV (Spain)
    • Results on Australia and New Zealand Second Generation SBAS and PPP Augmentation System, Julian Barrios Lerma, GMV (Spain)
    • EGNOS for Railway Traffic Management and Control, Damien Joly, Thales Alenia Space France (France)
    • Selected presentations to be provided soon
    • Cocktail
  • Thursday Nov 15th

    • Morning :
    "Invited Guest" Session #2: Terrestrial Navigation:
    Session moderator:
    • Round table with all presenters
    • Afternoon : 2 parallel sessions
    "Peer Reviewed Papers" Sessions #2 : 
    Navigation in Challenging Environment I 
    "Peer Reviewed Papers" Sessions #3 :
    Navigation in Challenging Environment II *
    • Hybridisations based on Visual Information for the Localisation of Self - driving Cars, Emmanuel Robert, Safran Electronics & Defense (France)
    • 5G positioning and hybridization with GNSS observations, Roc Maymo-Camps, Telespazio (France)
    • Impact of the geometry of terrestrial network for positioning using ToA and AoA measurements, Paul Thevenon, ENAC (France)
    • High Integrity GNSS Receiver for Ground Based Mobile Applications, Mathieu Raimondi, Thales Alenia Space (France)
    • Magnetometer - based full Attitude Update (MAU) for frame misalignment correction in Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR), Maan khedr, University of Calgary (Canada)
    • Bounding Localization Errors with Student Distribution for Road Vehicles, Joelle Al Hage, SIVALab, a shared laboratory between Renault/Heudiasyc/CNRS/UTC. Heudiasyc, UMR 7253, Université de Technolgie de Compiègne, Sorbonne Universités (France)
    • Tackling the Scale Factor Issue in a Monocular Visual Odometry Using a 3D City Model, Paul Verleine Gakne, University of Calgary (Canada)
    • Designing and evaluating next generation of resilience receivers, Simón Cancela, GMV (Spain)
    • Robust Navigation Solution Design For Space Launchers, Alexis Berthou, Airbus Defence and Space  (France)
    • MosaicGPS Receiver in Geostationary Orbit – On Orbit Performance Analysis, Mark Hartrampf, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH (Germany)
    • GNSS cloud - data processing technique for jamming detection and localization, Jung-hoon Lee, Inha University (Department of Electrical Engineering)  (South Korea)
    • Receiver Independent Implementation of the Galileo Open Service Navigation Message Authentication, Xabier Zubizarreta, Fraunhofer IIS (Germany)
    • An investigation on frame transformations for numerical orbit propagation, Chen Danhe, Nanjing University of Science and Technology (China)
    • Multipath Mitigation Based On Stationary Wavelet Transform, Patrice Michel, TESA (France)
    • Characterization Of Line - Of - Sight And Non - Line - Of - Sight Pseudo - Range And Pseudo - Range Rate Multipath Errors In An Urban Environment, Eustachio Roberto Matera, Ecole d'Aviation Civile (France)
    • A Novel Comprehensive Risk - Based Approach For The Assessment Of The Dependency Of Road Transport On Gnss, Ashley Brooks, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
  • Friday Nov 17th

    • Morning:
    "Invited Guest" Session #3: Air Navigation
    Session moderator: 

    Closing of ITSNT 2017
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